Milestones: New Wrangler’s Cabin, outhouse, woodshed, and horse coral construction completed. Thanks to significant fundraising and community support (CBT grant of $67,000 and corporate partnerships)– the total cost to FSA was only approx. $6,000 for all. New large capacity enviro fuel tank installed at Morrissey. Coal Creek Parking Lot expansion – doubled size thanks to a Grant and local corporate partnerships (significant contributions of equipment and time from Andy Weir and George Wilson). Bison 350 Snowcat loan paid off in January 2020. FSA Awarded BCSF AGM and Awards Gala host city. COVID19 Pandemic puts stop on all FSA operations, events, and meetings as authorities mandate closures mid-March.

Events: Sled Drags canceled due to low snow in town after significant work to revive the event by Wayne Stamler. Avalanche Awareness Days raised $3500 for Avalanche Canada. FSA events tent purchased. Corbin Family Day weekend events raised $6,000.

Other Notable: Coal Creek closed due to logging until February. Four days of missed grooming due to HEUI pump failure in Bison 350 groomer. Offer from local businesses made to FSA for sale of a parcel of property at Coal Creek coupled with a possible donation of structure to house snowcat and centralize FSA Operations.  After two years of major administrative and infrastructure improvements completed by a small number of hands, there is significant volunteer burn out contrasted with increasing rider expectations. The Coal Creek and Morrissey grooming program, now sitting at 80km per shift (one-way) / 4 nights a week, is rapidly houring out the machine which often returns home on fumes or needs mid-shift refuel ‘meet’ at Coal Creek by volunteers on deep snow nights– FSA facing the decision to continue with Bison 350 and possible larger ticket repair items that may arise OR purchase/lease new snowcat and retire the Bison to lower hr/week Corbin location. New backcountry safety signage, including treewell safety messaging, added to cabins. FSA now supports a staff of 8 employees (1 admin, 2 groomers, 5 trailhead staff) as well as contracts with many local businesses such as accountants, fuel suppliers, and mechanics.

Trail Passes and Annual Memberships: No change to previous year other than primary increased by $5 to $185.

Grooming: No changes to the program. Matt Dolbec hired as part-time groomer (heavy-duty mechanic, certified guide, and CAA Ops 1) to maintain Morrissey parking lot connector trails, Hartley, Corbin, and back up for Jim while he is away.

Executive: President – Dave Hozjan President but vacates the position, Vice President Justin Boehm, Treasurer Steve Kelly, Secretary Nicole Matei. Directors Matt Dolbec Maintenance, Glenn McDonald, Mark-Paul Koeman, Matt Kuhn, Wayne Stamler, Peter Valenta.