Milestones: The city of Fernie agrees to plow to the Coal Creek staging area for the year. Morrissey re-open post logging. Wranglers Cabin receives a paint job. SnowTrails TV did a Fernie broadcast on the Discovery Channel and a Detroit Fox Channel.  Presentation from CO Patricia Burley on snowmobile closures/restrictions in our area – clear maps and info well received by the club. Doug Dean recommends the FSA look at creating an official operating budget for future years and would like to see “If, despite the city providing RMI funding, the FSA can stand on its own legs operating on membership and trail pass sales alone”.  Issues with garbage at the trailheads and cabins, dirty outhouses, firewood, and cabin repairs – suggestions that the FSA should pay someone 4 hours a week to do admin work. Notes in meeting minutes that the required workload is taxing on the limited number of volunteers. “Goal to groom 4 nights a week to appease higher traffic and out of town travelers, and to spend $50,000 on improvements of some kind to the Wrangler’s Cabin” – Bob Arnott. Lack of early season snow and a cold spell in January. “We will be expanding our logistics for the coming season keeping track of rider statistics in a more professional manner” – Bob Arnott.

Events: Monthly family rides, Saskatoon and Edmonton Snow Shows, wind up ride at Island Lake Lodge. Andy and Chantelle Weir host a Pub Night. Monty and Cliff organize several other events. Wayne is the lead on the snow drags event (Trico Lands). Snow drags canceled due to rain and lack of snow, Alex Millar “If we had more volunteers stepping up at the meetings and someone to come forward and be a chairman this event could have possibilities”.

Corporate Partners: Ghostrider Motorsports, Best Western, Park Place Lodge, Fernie Real Estate, Fernie Home Hardware, Stanford.

Trail Passes & Memberships: Day pass rate increased to $15. Primary Membership $100, Secondary Membership $50, Child and Senior Membership $30. Trailhead collections were done intermittently on weekends by volunteers.

Grooming: Doug Dean grooming with BR180 and drag. Feb 13th Bear Cat with 24×151 track purchased to tow a drag donated by Rick Mercier to groom Hartley. Grooming potentially limited until Avalanche Safety Plan is created for FSA. BR 180 down with broken exhaust manifold – only one available was in England and ship via air to complete repairs ASAP. March 15th snowcat new engine installed by Scarpelli and Spenser Olsen.

Executives: Paul Kramer resigns as president, taken over by Bob Arnott, Secretary Doug Dean, Treasurer Claudette Diagle, Directors Wayne Stamler, Mike Scarpelli, Alex Millar, Ed Burrill, Monty Sosnowski, Andy Weir, Chantelle Weir.