Milestones: FSA began discussions/efforts with Natural Resources Canada for a) an agreement for a piece of land in the Dominion Government Block on which to put a new warm-up shelter/cabin (Rolling Hills cabin) and b) a new trail from the Rolling Hills cabin to the logging road near the Wranglers cabin. These efforts resulted in a SUP being issued to the FSA in the spring of 2011 for both the above uses. Nov 2010 Tembec logging closes Morrissey for the season. Other season challenges included no road plowing up Coal Creek past dump, valley bottom rain resulting in long periods of no grooming. Groomed up Matheson and Martin for the first time. “We are planning for next season with various initiatives: the possibility of a new warm-up shelter at the Coal Creek summit; the possibility of another groomer; and a new family-friendly trail through the Rolling Hills. Fernie is closer to Saskatchewan and most of Alberta than some of the big-name snowmobile places and with continued diligence, Fernie can be a destination city for snowmobiles”- Paul Kramer. Club purchased a skimmer trailer. Public interest in creating a Flathead National Park which would effectively shut down the flathead for snowmobile use.

Events: Teck Coal sponsored “Know The Snow” event Jan 7th at the Park Place Lodge. Jan 15th Midnight ride to the Wranglers Cabin, Snowdrags Feb 19th, Poker Run March 5th. Jan 8th Movie Night at the Best Western.

Corporate Partners: Ghostrider Motorsports, Best Western, Smitty’s, Fernie Cardlock, Park Place Lodge, Stanford, Falkins Insurance, Cooks Electric.

Grooming: Coal Creek to Wrangler’s Cabin two nights a week.

Executive: NA