Milestones: New Wrangler’s Cabin, outhouse, woodshed, and horse coral construction completed. Thanks to significant fundraising and community support (CBT grant of $67,000 and corporate partnerships)– the total cost to FSA was only approx. $6,000 for all. New large capacity enviro fuel tank installed at Morrissey. Coal Creek Parking Lot expansion – doubled size thanks to a Grant and local corporate partnerships (significant contributions of equipment and time from Andy Weir and George Wilson). Bison 350 Snowcat loan paid off in January 2020. FSA Awarded BCSF AGM and Awards Gala host city. COVID19 Pandemic puts stop on all FSA operations, events, and meetings as authorities mandate closures mid-March.

Events: Sled Drags canceled due to low snow in town after significant work to revive the event by Wayne Stamler. Avalanche Awareness Days raised $3500 for Avalanche Canada. FSA events tent purchased. Corbin Family Day weekend events raised $6,000.

Other Notable: Coal Creek closed due to logging until February. Four days of missed grooming due to HEUI pump failure in Bison 350 groomer. Offer from local businesses made to FSA for sale of a parcel of property at Coal Creek coupled with a possible donation of structure to house snowcat and centralize FSA Operations.  After two years of major administrative and infrastructure improvements completed by a small number of hands, there is significant volunteer burn out contrasted with increasing rider expectations. The Coal Creek and Morrissey grooming program, now sitting at 80km per shift (one-way) / 4 nights a week, is rapidly houring out the machine which often returns home on fumes or needs mid-shift refuel ‘meet’ at Coal Creek by volunteers on deep snow nights– FSA facing the decision to continue with Bison 350 and possible larger ticket repair items that may arise OR purchase/lease new snowcat and retire the Bison to lower hr/week Corbin location. New backcountry safety signage, including treewell safety messaging, added to cabins. FSA now supports a staff of 8 employees (1 admin, 2 groomers, 5 trailhead staff) as well as contracts with many local businesses such as accountants, fuel suppliers, and mechanics.

Trail Passes and Annual Memberships: No change to previous year other than primary increased by $5 to $185.

Grooming: No changes to the program. Matt Dolbec hired as part-time groomer (heavy-duty mechanic, certified guide, and CAA Ops 1) to maintain Morrissey parking lot connector trails, Hartley, Corbin, and back up for Jim while he is away.

Executive: President – Dave Hozjan President but vacates the position, Vice President Justin Boehm, Treasurer Steve Kelly, Secretary Nicole Matei. Directors Matt Dolbec Maintenance, Glenn McDonald, Mark-Paul Koeman, Matt Kuhn, Wayne Stamler, Peter Valenta.


Milestones: A year of major fundraising and infrastructure improvements. FSA begins its first-ever SWOT analysis and long-term planning process. New Sea-Can Trailhead Kiosks constructed for Morrissey, Coal Creek, and Corbin – Peter Valenta, Eric Bower, and Dave Hozjan lead construction. ‘Original’ Wrangler’s Cabin, while much loved, was found to have rotten dunnage and plywood walls – deemed past ability to continue bandaid repairs. FSA applied for permission from NCRAN to relocate cabin to dryer area. Commenced construction of the new Wrangler’s Cabin in spring but work was paused due to wildfire up Bray Creek and backcountry closure.

Events: Avalanche Awareness Days raised $2300 for Avalanche Canada. Snow Valley Wrangler’s Kid’s rodeo event raised $5700 towards the new Wrangler’s Cabin (Ken & Shelby Rawson). Addition of the spring Gumball Event. Nicole works with Fernie Alpine Resort and the Western Canadian Hill Cross Association to get approval for FSA Hillclimb event at Fernie Alpine Resort next spring, FAR and race organizers initially sign off – fatality at Silver Star resort that season ends all future sanctioned races organized by organizing body. Snowdrags canceled due to weather.

Other Notable: Season focus on improving trailhead operations with enhanced accounting and record-keeping for accuracy and transparency. Feb 20th, 2019 – CANFOR unexpectedly plowed out Corbin trail during the middle of the day for their planned summer road-building activities. North Coal commences the public consultation process for Michel Creek (Corbin) mine project. A major review of insurance completed by Lisa Krzyzewski. FSA Treasurer Steve Kelly recognized by Huskey Energy for his volunteer efforts with the FSA under their Community Grant Program.

Two major snowcat incidents during the season:

  • Dec 28th Corbin Snowcat suffers shear in the coupler between the park-break and the final drive mid-groom causing cat and drag to drive off the trail and down the bank – Dave Hozjan, Steve Kelly, Rolland Kraemer, and Curtis Hagley assist to winch cat back on the trail and use BR180 to haul it back to shop.
  • Groomer gets disoriented during a snowstorm and drives off the main Notch groomed trail subsequently unable to climb back up leaving snowcat stranded. Justin, Travis Senkow, and Matt Dolbec rescue the operator at midnight and attempt to road build to get the cat back out without success. An additional week of hand shoveling by numerous volunteers and with support of Fernie Wilderness Adventures, Ascent Helicopters (tiller flown out to reduce weight), Conservation Officers and FLNRO biologists to salt and pack road to get snowcat back out. Matt Dolbec pretty much does not leave the site for a week – hand shoveling and working on snowcat day at night. Steve Kelly, Dave Hozjan, Peter Valenta shuttle fuel, and supplies continuously in support of efforts. Beavan Serra (Lead Alpine Groomer at Castle Mountain Resort) assists in the final push to get the cat back out using the Corbin BR450. During the incident, FNLRO biologists note errors in AMA file mapping of roads leading to public consultation and improvements for motorized users in the valley (final approval still pending).

Trail Passes and Annual Memberships: No changes to membership or day use rates. Annual primary membership rate of $180. Day tickets $25. Volunteer Reciprocal program voted in – Members may receive up to $50 off their annual memberships for time volunteered on designated FSA work parties. BCSF membership program entirely online and no longer mailing out member cards – workload added to local clubs to manage membership cards and payment.

Grooming: Justin remains as Grooming Director. Matt Dolbec as Maintenance Director. Main Operator Jim Tosh. Challenges with Corbin grooming which relies on volunteer groomer operators (can only groom at volunteers availability and only able to groom to Rain Guage due to lack of avalanche training). Core Morrissey grooming routes increased by 12km with the addition of a new McEvoy trail. FSA spends $$ to bring all FSA snowcats up to industry-standard maintenance per hour specs to ensure reliability and assist with maintenance financial forecasts/ equipment records.

Executive:  President Dave Hozjan, Vice President Justin Boehm, Treasurer Steve Kelly, Secretary Nicole Matei, Roland Kraemer, Eric Bower, Peter Valenta, Matt Dolbec


Milestones: Increasing expectations from members (after challenges with grooming and collections program in the previous season) coupled with new legislative demands require FSA to dial-up back of house procedures and grooming program. Overarching goal is to become a financially independent organization, not reliant on City of Fernie Grants. Nicole Matei (diploma in tourism and recreation management + emergency management) hired for up to 20 hrs per week at $20/hr to tackle growing admin challenges. Discussion and vote at AGM that FSA should maximize revenue potential by transitioning to 7 day a week collection funding an in-house grooming program. Spenser Olsen and Dave Hozjan source new snowcat – eventually Spencer flies to US to inspect and ultimately purchase a new snowcat for the club. New groomer arrives September 5th – Bison 350R with Rexroth Drive at 10,000 hours, 8-way Leitwolf blade and tiller. Total purchase price was $42,677 USD. Funded by $47,750 raised from corporate partners including a kick start of $5000 from the United Steelworkers, remaining balance was via loan from East Kootenay Credit Union. November 2017 – FSA receives sign off on first Avalanche Safety Plan prepared by Braden Schmidt & Nicole Matei reviewed by Steve Conger (CAA Ops3, QAP) with avalanche path mapping data and aerial photos donated from Elk Valley Snow Shepherds, significantly reducing the cost to FSA. Steve Kelly suggests oil and gas industry solution to assist FSA meet WorkSafe BC Lone Worker safe work procedures and spearheads subsequent ‘lifetime’ donation of Blackline Safety devices bringing the club into compliance with WorksafeBC. FSA completes official transition to the new BC Societies Act. Creation of first FSA Employee Manuals, official job descriptions, trailhead logs and data recording spreadsheets, Occupational Health and Safety Manuals and Emergency Response Plans. FSA amalgamates with Corbin Country Club October 2017 – Curtis Hagley remains as Corbin Director (the French’s and Hagley’s should be noted for significant contribution).

Events: Bob Arnott Memorial Ride and plaque installation at the Rolling Hills Cabin Jan 21, 2017 (Alex Millar and Randy Zahn). Island Lake Ride. Avalanche Awareness Days Event raises $2030 to be donated to Avalanche Canada, the Canadian Avalanche Rescue Dog Association and Fernie Search and Rescue. Feb 11th Moonlight Ride. FSA hosts Thunderstruck film premier at Griz Bar.

Other Notable: General member’s meetings moved from Thursday to Friday to encourage out of town member attendance. 1527 volunteer hours and 660 employee hours recorded in 2017. BCSF Auto-Renew System Paypal issue causes major in-house administrative work to repair as over 100 FSA members are billed the incorrect amount for their annual membership. Harvey Cabin under construction and partially completed lost to wildfire (FSA had donated $2500). Bingay Coal Mine proposal near Elkford. Large metal trail map signs purchased and posted on trails – the first step in new signage program. First online member survey is sent out with a positive response rate and good feedback

Trail Passes and Annual Memberships: Annual primary membership rate $175. Day tickets $25.

Grooming: Avalanche Safety Plan now instrumental in guiding the grooming program. Justin Boehm, as professional CAA Operations Level 1 elected as Grooming Director to support the rollout of these new standard operating procedures. Spenser continues to play major role as Maintenance Director. Jim Tosh (15 years plus grooming experience at Fernie Alpine Resort, AST1) hired as groomer operator. Fri, Sat, Sun, Wed grooming on Coal Creek, Doug Dean, Summit, and Morrissey Trails. Notch, Matheson, and Martin added in as conditions and fuel allows. Corbin groomed once a week by a volunteer from the staging area to either Rain Gauge or McClatchie as avalanche conditions permit. Hartley groomed once a month or so as avalanche conditions permit.

Executives: President Dave Hozjan, Vice President Devon Hanson, Secretary Nicole Matei, Treasurer Steve Kelly. Directors Peter Valenta, Mike Stefano, Roland Kraemer, Justin Boehm, Spenser Olson, Mike Scarpelli.




Milestones: First FSA Trail Guide booklet is printed – available free at trailheads. First Notice to Reader filed (official financial statements for the club). Creation of Bob Arnott Memorial Scholarship (awarded to Daylan Morgan in the fall, $500). FSA broke the Revenue Canada threshold of $50,000 revenue for the first time and now required to remit GST. AGM moved from fall to spring to allow Exec more time for familiarity with rolls and to set up for winter operations (motion forwarded by Alex Millar and deemed critical by members). Significant issues with the contract groomer program.

Events: Jan 3rd family Ride to the Rolling Hills Cabin. Jan 23rd Full Moon Ride. Sled Drags successful (500 spectators, $4400 revenue). Avalanche Awareness Days (50 attendees), Family Ride canceled due to weather, Island Lake Lodge Ride.

Other Notables:  Coal Creek Closed for the early part of the season – difficulties reopening related to having to pull in snow from the berms on sides of the road which were full of debris causing damage to equipment and poor trail surface.  Draft provincial membership program presented by Donegal from the BCSF for consideration. $5200 raised in FSA corporate partnership program. Challenges collecting trail fees and controlling parking at Morrissey related to impeding traffic flow – applied for and received temporary permission to use the NCC lands for parking. FSA donates $5k to Fernie Trails Alliance for the rebuild of the Harvey Ski Touring Cabin (half now half upon completion). South Country BackCountry Users Association requests support from FSA to prevent government closure of the Sand Creek Drainage area. Partying issues at Coal Creek causing significant issues. Jemi Fibre sold to Canwell March 17th, 2016. New FSA website launched. SeaCan purchased for storage.

Traill Passes & Membership: Day ticket prices increased to $25 per day, BCSF annual primary membership $120. Motion by Justin Boehm to offer discounted day ticket rates for children under the ages of 16 – unanimously approved at $10.

Grooming:  Inconsistencies with contract grooming program coupled with the weather has resulted in significant negative feedback from riders. The contract groomer later advises FSA he will no longer be able to provide grooming services in the future.

Bob Arnott resigns, handing over reigns to new President Monty Sosnowski, Dave Hozjan Vice President. Nicole Media voted in mid-season as Social Media Committee (growing primary method of communication with members and public).


Milestones: March 2015: Dan and Blake Earl attended an FSA meeting and had preliminary talks to amalgamate the two Fernie clubs back into one. FSA passed a motion to form a committee to explore this, and that neither club President would be on the committees. Talks went reasonably well for a while but ultimately fell apart again. Ultimately, the EVSC society ended up being dissolved by the registrar for noncompliance with society filings. October 2015- Simultaneously on the provincial level the 2 recognized snowmobile organizations became one again when the ABC Snow Group was folded and assets transferred to the BCSF. Creation of FSA Facebook Page on October 15th (Mud and Snow has been primary communications tool until then). BC releases new Off-Highway Vehicle Act mandating registration of snowmobiles.

Other Notable: Coal Creek closed at the beginning of the season for logging operations (Feb opening). Avalanche Canada ATES signs installed at Hartley and Ram Creek. Exec team and public trail users note challenges with trailhead collections staff, particularly with lack of accurate data collection for the club and inability to issue receipts to the public for monies paid at the trailhead.

Trail Passes and Memberships: Annual primary membership rate $80. Day ticket rates raised to $20. New BCSF Silkstart online membership program up and running to manage snowmobile club membership databases and purchase memberships online (vs paper at trailheads).

Grooming: Contract groomer for Morrissey / Coal Creek (Annual budget $40,000). Regular grooming route up Coal Creek, Doug Dean, Morrissey totaled 67.5km.FSA looking into the feasibility of also grooming up Matheson (7km), Martin (3km), and to the Notch (19km round trip) in addition to a pilot project to groom River Road Extension for the ‘Fat Bike Community”. Hartley was added to Contract Groomer Program (additional $2500 expense) – was previously done with snowmobile and tow behind drag, “Adding “between 16-26km of grooming for sledders and ski tourers in Olivia Creek, Mount Bizzaro, Proctor Mountain, and the Three Sisters” – grooming to occur when avalanche conditions ensure safe passage. inReaches purchased for grooming operations as safety communication devices. Worksafe BC issues mandatory requirement for trail operators to comply with safety legislation requiring Avalanche Safety Plan to protect people working in avalanche terrain – imposing major expense for clubs across BC.

Executives: President Bob Arnott, Robert Dixon, Devon Hanson, Darcy Hutchison, Glenn McDonald, Jim Malenka, Cliff Mitchell, Joe Oconnor, Spencer Olson, Mike Scarpelli, Monty Sosnowski, Gene Stephenson.



Milestones: Transitioned to contract groomer for Coal Creek (Foothills SIlvaculture twice/week) which produced favorable conditions with the groomer. Tracey Taylor hired as FSA Administrative Assistant.

Events: Monty and Cliff take over the organization of Sled Drag Events. Sled Drags on Trico Lands successful despite +8C. Two family rides (80 participants “ 60 people in attendance who enjoyed the good early season snow and some hot food. What was very good this year is we had a larger than usual turnout of women and children. We noted 11 women and7 children (< 12 years old).”) and snow drags (107 class entries). FSA partners with Elk Valley Mountaineers for Snowarama. Dec 27th Family Ride and Avalanche Awareness Days event hosted by Elk Valley Snow Shepherds at the Rolling Hills Cabin. Island Lake Lodge ride canceled.

Other Notable: Fall of 2014: Ongoing challenges between the two Fernie snowmobile clubs. Additional seasonal challenges included very low snowfall and warm temperatures, major mechanical breakdown of snowcat on the first day of operations for the season (Dec 27th, $17,000 repair bill). Woodshed completed at Rolling Hills Cabin. Ram creek outhouses repairs. Relocated solar panel on Rolling Hills Cabin.  No grooming up Hartley due to lack of snow. “We continue to monitor the possible requirement (driven by WorkSafe BC) for professionally produced safety plans and avalanche assessments prior to every grooming event. Should this come into effect in the future it will cause very large expenditures for the FSA to be able to legally groom our trails”. Long term goals remain to “Increase size of Coal Creek parking lot, use owned snowcat to groom Hartley Lake for better quality grooming, use contractor to groom Coal Creek due to improved trail quality related to the effectiveness of newer machine with a tiller, purchase a trailer to haul the BR 180, construct a building near Coal Creek to store groomer and base operations”. Chantelle Weir to take over doing club newsletters from Shona. Bob and Wayne give a presentation to the City of Fernie about increased parking at Coal Creek and discussions about a Quonset for storage of snowcat – a motion was passed by the city to work with the FSA for future operations. PA system purchased for sled drags. Andy Buchan created FSA webpage.

Trail Passes & Membership: Primary Membership $100, Secondary $50, Child $50, Senior $40, Day pass $15. Trail collections on Fri, Sat, Sun only. Motion to hire paid trailhead staff from 8 am to 1 pm to be paid $20/hr. Doug Dean to make a chart for tracking daily trailhead pass sales and statistics.

Executives: Bob Arnot President, Doug Dean Secretary, Connie Arnott Treasurer, Directors Wayne Stamler, Mike Scarpelli, Alex Millar, Spenser Olsen, Monty Sosnowski, Cliff Mitchell, Tyler Temple, Darcy Hutchinson.

Snow Drags Poster 2014


Milestones: The city of Fernie agrees to plow to the Coal Creek staging area for the year. Morrissey re-open post logging. Wranglers Cabin receives a paint job. SnowTrails TV did a Fernie broadcast on the Discovery Channel and a Detroit Fox Channel.  Presentation from CO Patricia Burley on snowmobile closures/restrictions in our area – clear maps and info well received by the club. Doug Dean recommends the FSA look at creating an official operating budget for future years and would like to see “If, despite the city providing RMI funding, the FSA can stand on its own legs operating on membership and trail pass sales alone”.  Issues with garbage at the trailheads and cabins, dirty outhouses, firewood, and cabin repairs – suggestions that the FSA should pay someone 4 hours a week to do admin work. Notes in meeting minutes that the required workload is taxing on the limited number of volunteers. “Goal to groom 4 nights a week to appease higher traffic and out of town travelers, and to spend $50,000 on improvements of some kind to the Wrangler’s Cabin” – Bob Arnott. Lack of early season snow and a cold spell in January. “We will be expanding our logistics for the coming season keeping track of rider statistics in a more professional manner” – Bob Arnott.

Events: Monthly family rides, Saskatoon and Edmonton Snow Shows, wind up ride at Island Lake Lodge. Andy and Chantelle Weir host a Pub Night. Monty and Cliff organize several other events. Wayne is the lead on the snow drags event (Trico Lands). Snow drags canceled due to rain and lack of snow, Alex Millar “If we had more volunteers stepping up at the meetings and someone to come forward and be a chairman this event could have possibilities”.

Corporate Partners: Ghostrider Motorsports, Best Western, Park Place Lodge, Fernie Real Estate, Fernie Home Hardware, Stanford.

Trail Passes & Memberships: Day pass rate increased to $15. Primary Membership $100, Secondary Membership $50, Child and Senior Membership $30. Trailhead collections were done intermittently on weekends by volunteers.

Grooming: Doug Dean grooming with BR180 and drag. Feb 13th Bear Cat with 24×151 track purchased to tow a drag donated by Rick Mercier to groom Hartley. Grooming potentially limited until Avalanche Safety Plan is created for FSA. BR 180 down with broken exhaust manifold – only one available was in England and ship via air to complete repairs ASAP. March 15th snowcat new engine installed by Scarpelli and Spenser Olsen.

Executives: Paul Kramer resigns as president, taken over by Bob Arnott, Secretary Doug Dean, Treasurer Claudette Diagle, Directors Wayne Stamler, Mike Scarpelli, Alex Millar, Ed Burrill, Monty Sosnowski, Andy Weir, Chantelle Weir.


Milestones: Purchased a ‘Bearcat’ snowmobile for $11,496 to groom Hartley from Ghostrider Motorsports. Grand Opening of the Rolling Hills Cabin December 29th, 2012. Tembec logging closed Morrissey for the second season in a row. Jim Thorner completes significant work preparing a detailed plan for use of the old City dumpsite to present to the council.  Land access issues at Tunnel Creek – gate needs to be moved at who’s cost, the potential for Mainroads to be blocking off public access, handshake agreement in place for sled access after march 15th. Robert Dixon suggests FSA supplies porta-potties at staging areas and a warm-up shack, beacon checkers for trailhead staff as well as fencing to make the area look more attractive and professional. “Our major goal for the coming year is to increase the staging area on the Coal Creek FSR. It has been a major complaint of our out-of-province visitors that parking is not close to ideal. In fact, it is a real deterrent. We will also pursue the aspect of putting up a building to house the Snow Cat in the Coal Creek corridor so that we don’t have to spend our time transporting the Snow Cat each and every groom. Once again, it is nice to realize that Fernie is becoming a destination for snowmobilers from the prairies and the figures seem to be supporting the fact that it is becoming more than a “one-day destination”- Bob Arnott & Doug Dean.

Paul Kramer (President) commented on great turn out at the AGM and mentioned to prospective nominees about the commitment and the workload of being on the executive – “Take it seriously to keep the club moving forward”.

Events: Donation of $2500 to Dalton Hutchinson. Initiation of Island Lake Lodge Ride discussions.

Grooming:  Coal Creek to Rolling Hills to Wranglers two nights a week. The Matheson, Martin, and Hartley areas were added as occasionally groomed routes. Wayne Stamler, grooming committee chair. The broken exhaust manifold on snowcat results in no grooming for two weeks over family day weekend(s)

Executives: Paul Kramer President, Claudette Daigle Treasurer, Doug Dean Secretary.  Directors Mike Scarpelli, Jim Thorner, Bob Arnott, Glenn McDonald, Vic Guidici, Alex Millar.



Milestones: Upon receipt of SUP, FSA began construction of the Rolling Hills cabin and the “Doug Dean” trail between the cabins (read more below).  November 24, 2011, Due to ongoing concerns with the grooming program, a Grooming Committee was formed. The mandate was to “Receive grooming comments from riders to Paul Kramer (Ghostrider Motorsports), take them to Wayne Stamler (Grooming Chairman) for discussion and action”. The committee was made up of Dan Rotella (Chairman), John Scarpelli, and Roland Green. December 15, 2011, General Meeting: Following a heated meeting between the Grooming Committee and the Grooming Chairman, a motion was made to disband the Grooming Committee. This event triggered a handful of members to set out on their own to to form a second snowmobile club in Fernie. FSA went about our regular business while the Elk Valley Snowmobile Club (EVSC) was being formed, registered as a society, etc. D

rilling program up Coal Creek: “Road to Paige’s Draw is a mess with large ruts, rocks and drill pipe sticking up”. Teck Coak Swift Project community assessment process begins. Crowsnest Pass Coal begins exploration for their proposed Coal Creek Project threatening closure of snowmobile areas.

Events: Snow Drags Feb 19th at the Stanford (overall winner Darcy Hutchinson $2000).March 5th Poker Run. $500 donation to the Salvation Army.

Grooming: Coal Creek to Wrangler’s Cabin two nights a week.

Executive: NA

The History of the Doug Dean Trail (photos below)



Milestones: FSA began discussions/efforts with Natural Resources Canada for a) an agreement for a piece of land in the Dominion Government Block on which to put a new warm-up shelter/cabin (Rolling Hills cabin) and b) a new trail from the Rolling Hills cabin to the logging road near the Wranglers cabin. These efforts resulted in a SUP being issued to the FSA in the spring of 2011 for both the above uses. Nov 2010 Tembec logging closes Morrissey for the season. Other season challenges included no road plowing up Coal Creek past dump, valley bottom rain resulting in long periods of no grooming. Groomed up Matheson and Martin for the first time. “We are planning for next season with various initiatives: the possibility of a new warm-up shelter at the Coal Creek summit; the possibility of another groomer; and a new family-friendly trail through the Rolling Hills. Fernie is closer to Saskatchewan and most of Alberta than some of the big-name snowmobile places and with continued diligence, Fernie can be a destination city for snowmobiles”- Paul Kramer. Club purchased a skimmer trailer. Public interest in creating a Flathead National Park which would effectively shut down the flathead for snowmobile use.

Events: Teck Coal sponsored “Know The Snow” event Jan 7th at the Park Place Lodge. Jan 15th Midnight ride to the Wranglers Cabin, Snowdrags Feb 19th, Poker Run March 5th. Jan 8th Movie Night at the Best Western.

Corporate Partners: Ghostrider Motorsports, Best Western, Smitty’s, Fernie Cardlock, Park Place Lodge, Stanford, Falkins Insurance, Cooks Electric.

Grooming: Coal Creek to Wrangler’s Cabin two nights a week.

Executive: NA