Groomer’s Report

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Weather and Snow: -1C, no new snow, total snowpack base is variable but near 185cm

Groomed: Morrissey Trail to Wrangler’s Cabin, Doug Dean Trail, Summit Trail, McEvoy East to pipeline extension, Notch.

Groomer’s Report

Saturday, January 26th, 2019

Morrissey Weather and Snow: -4C, 0cm new snow overnight, total snowpack height 190cm (variable due to winds)

Groomed: Morrissey Trail to Wrangler’s Cabin, Doug Dean Trail, Summit Trail, McEvoy East to Pipeline Ext, Notch Trail. Corbin last groomed Friday.

Groomer’s Report

Friday, January 25, 2019

Corbin Weather: -4C, no new snow overnight, +/- 2o cm new snow this week, snowpack base between 150cm-200cm (highly variable).

Groomed: Corbin staging area to Barnes

Groomer’s Report

Thursday, January 24th, 2019

Weather & Snow: -8C, no new snow, variable skies, total snowpack height 195cm

Groomed: Morrissey Trail, Doug Dean Trail, Summit Trail, McEvoy East to Pipeline Trail, Notch Trail.

Groomer’s Report

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Morrissey Weather and Snow: -3C, 4cm new snow overnight, 27cm new snow this week, total snowpack height around 2meters.

Grooming: Our Morrissey snowcat is now back in action. Morrissey Trail, Doug Dean, Summit Trail groomed last night.

Groomer’s Report

Monday, January 21, 2019

Weather & Snow Conditions: -7C, no new snow overnight, 23cm new snow this week, total snowpack base around 190cm

Groomed: The little BR 180 snowcat bladed down the trail and track packed from Morrissey staging area to the Doug Dean, Doug Dean Trail, Summit Trail, and both the parking lot connector trails last night. We also cleared away snow from around the Rolling Hills washrooms.

Update on the Morrissey Snowcat: After a site inspection with Conservation Officers and biologists yesterday we have been issued a permit to complete work outside of our normal scope / off the usual groomed route to recover  ‘Big Blue’. We will be bringing up two additional snowcats to the Notch today in efforts to build a snowroad down from the top of the bank and winch the cat out. Last week the groomer operator became disoriented while knocking down a particularly rough section of trail near the back of the Notch. After rolling over a drop to find a suitable spot to turn around, the operator punched through an unconsolidated layer of snow and was unable to climb back up the pitch to the groomed road.

Coal Creek Update: The private landowner has advised they anticipate completion of logging activities within the next week. There is still heavy industrial activity including equipment being transported out of sites and removing logs from landing zones. Once all logging equipment has been removed and we have the green light, we will be repairing the road so it is suitable for grooming and snowmobile traffic. This is a delicate and time-consuming process to ensure we do not damage our equipment. Please keep checking back with us for updates on this process.

Morrissey trail / track packing last night:


Groomer’s Report

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Weather & Snow Conditions: -3C, skies clearing, 4cm new snow in the last 24 hours, 23cm of new snow this week. Total snowpack height around 190cm.

Grooming: Corbin groomed late yesterday afternoon from the staging area to Rain Gauge. We are still working to resolve issues with our Main Morrissey groomer and were unable to complete our regular scheduled groom last night. Morrissey Trail, Summit Trail, and Doug Dean were track packed with the backup small 180 snowcat yesterday and we will head out again this afternoon to do the same. Please expect grooming traffic on trails all day today. We would like to ask riders to avoid the area just off the trail to the left of the final pitch up to the Notch summit until further notice – there is snow road building work and unmarked hazards in the area.

Update on the Morrissey Snowcat: Last week the snowcat operator became disoriented while grooming a mogul-ed up section of trail near the Notch and ended up off the normal groomed road. After rolling over a drop to look for a turn around, the machine punched through to an unconsolidated layer of snow that would not allow him to climb back up the pitch. Down was not an option due to the creek and forest below. Volunteers have been working day and night to build a section of packed snow road that will allow the cat to successfully climb up the pitch back to the road – a very slow process as it requires building a small section of ‘sugary’ snow road at a time and letting it set up to be firm enough to climb. The team is out today doing a site inspection with Conservation Officers and biologists to ensure all is well before we head up tomorrow with two additional snowcats and some rigging material to assist the blue cat back up onto the road. We are putting a call out for any volunteers who may be keen to lend a hand shoveling and packing snow tomorrow: you should be an advanced snowmobiler with sufficient ability and health to assist with shoveling and must have an avalanche transceiver. Crews will be departing the Morrissey Staging area at 9AM. We thank everyone in advance for your patience and assistance.

FSA Avalanche Awareness Days

Local avalanche professionals gather to provide a day of free training, seminars,
and demonstrations for sledders. Come out and meet Fernie’s Avalanche Rescue
Dogs, practice in the transceiver basin with certified instructors and check out
the latest in backcountry emergency equipment. Draw prizing, Family BBQ and
more. All trail proceeds collected on the day are donated to Avalanche Canada.

NEW for 2019: Basecamp Motorsports will be joining us to offer Skidoo Demo-Days in conjunction with the event!

Location: Rolling Hills Cabin 10am-3pm

Groomer’s Report

Saturday, January 20, 2019

Morrissey Weather & Snow: -3C, moderate winds, 10cm new snow, 23cm in the last 7 days, total snowpack height around 190cm.

Corbin Weather & Snow: -4C, approx 10cm new snow, total snowpack height varies but reports are around 140-200cm across the area.

Grooming: Corbin groomed from Staging Area to Rain Gauge. we are having an issue with our Morrissey snowcat resulting in inability to groom. We’ll be heading out with our little back up 180 snowcat at 8am to day groom: please watch for snowcat on trail. He will be track packing only, not tilling or using the drag. Route will be up Morrissey, Summit Trail, Doug Dean to the Wrangler’s and then back around the Summit Trail to the Rolling Hills Cabin, heading down the mountain again at 4pm. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we work to resolve. Crews are asking riders to avoid the area left of the groomed trail up the last pitch of the Notch summit until the issue is resolved. There is snow road building work which has left unusual cut banks and unmarked hazards. We realize this is poor timing with those coming out for the events this weekend as we had hoped to showcase our awesome facilities and wonderful trail network that volunteers have worked so hard on. Please come and enjoy the FREE Avalanche Awareness and Skidoo Demo Days event at the Rolling Hills Cabin today. Proceeds from the $5 cash BBQ and trailhead fees collected today are donated to Avalanche Canada to help support public avalanche safety in our area. 


Executive Members Meeting

Executive Members ONLY. 6:15pm at the Park Place Lodge.

General members are welcome to attend the general meeting at 7:15pm.